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 The Need

Christian men and women are returning home from prison in need of support, accountability, love and discipleship.  They have many practical areas of need such as food, clothing, shelter and jobs.  Family members on the outside are alone and alienated; children are at risk.  Many churches have not been trained to minister to these needs. 

Without a strong support safety net many ex-offenders end up reoffending and returning to prison. The financial and emotional cost to our communities is staggering.  Something needs to be done to address these issues.

Our Mission’s Response

This is a very challenging ministry which meets people where they are and helps guide them toward the hope they have in Christ.  Our goal is to see people restored to God, to family, to community, and then to help them give back to the community by getting involved in ministering to others. 

Thank you!

The JDK Ministry Team

Please contact us for more information and consider joining with us as we work together to minister to these hurting souls.

JDK Ministry is a ministry designed to equip, train, and prepare the church to more effectively help people who are dealing with issues related to prison and re-entry.  We work with churches and ministries, as well as with many volunteers and family members.


Since I, the Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each others feet. (John 13:14)